Regrade request policy

Homework assignments

It is ultimately your responsibility to look over your graded assignment while consulting the posted solutions, not only to check your understanding but also to find any grading errors or mis-typed entries in your CourseWork grade record. If you find an error in how an assignment was graded or recorded, please submit a written note to the CA you normally submit your homework to (so Section 01 to Zev, Section 02 to Valentin), along with your homework assignment. Your CA has final authority on all homework appeals.

If more than a week has passed since an assignment was announced as available for pick-up, your CourseWork score entry for that assignment can no longer be changed.

Midterm exams

There is a regrade process after each midterm exam to address possible grading issues on individual problems. Compose a letter clearly explaining why the particular problem merited more points, and turn it in (along with your exam) to the CA you submit your homework to (so Section 01 to Zev, Section 02 to Valentin) no more than one week after the exam was announced as available. (Once submitted, any part of the exam may be regraded.) The submission deadlines are firm, and no exceptions will be made, so please go over your exam, alongside the posted solutions (see below), in a timely manner.

Important Note

Note that in either case (for midterms or exams), you cannot request additional points for solutions which were actually incorrect. In other words, if your solution was incorrect, you cannot contest the number of points deducted. The point of the regrade policy is to allow you to make sure that solutions which were incorrectly penalized receive the appropriate credit.